JAM: Greenfest 2011 – Why not?

by Hutton Marshall

The lineup for Greenfest is out and there’s only days left before it starts. Now, when I first saw the list of potential performers before they were picked, I was pretty sure DJ Pauly D would be choosen (yes, the dude from Jersey Shore is also a DJ). Thankfully, my lack of faith in San Diego State’s ability to make a good choice for Greenfest’s performers turned out to be a bit premature – meaning, SDSU didn’t totally blow it by choosing Lupe Fiasco and Steve Aoki.

I will try to describe my feelings for Lupe Fiasco as accurately as a Caucasian can – he’s the bees knees. He really puts the butter on my Wonder Bread. He’s like a young Marvin Gaye!

WARNING: If you see the author during Lupe Fiasco’s set at Greenfest, shield your eyes. Witnessing him dancing could induce an intense seizure.

Praised by Jay-Z and Kanye West as one of the most promising upcoming rappers, Fiasco and his cerebral, sociopolitical lyrics that often parody the gangster rapper life. They are a “breath of fresh air,” according to Jay-Z. If you are debating on whether or not to go to Greenfest, hopefully this song, which he won a Grammy for, can persuade you.

Now on to the other Greenfest headliner: Steve Aoki. I understand why he was picked, and really anybody besides Pauly D should be considered a victory, but I’m just not sure Steve could ever be as awesome as his dad- the creator of Benihana, a restaurant that I will one day be classy enough to dine at.

Maybe I could articulate my feelings about Aoki’s shortcomings a little better by taking a look at the lyrics found in Aoki’s hit song, “I’m in the House.”

So the song starts with a repetitive thumping bass (which I have no problem with). Then the first line comes…

I’m in the house

Okay, fair enough. He’s in a house. Not a bad premise, it’s at least something we can all relate to.

I’m in the house

Well he’s still in the house, not much action so far.

I’m in the house

Some great poetry relies on repetition to reiterate important lines. Perhaps Aoki is just making sure his message sinks in.

I’m in the mother f**king house

A new development! Now this makes one question if this is the same house he was previously occupying, or an entirely different house designed specifically to fornicate with mothers. Only time will tell.

I’m in the house

We should’ve booked DJ Pauly D.

Despite Aoki just having numbed my brain, I’m still excited for Greenfest. And hopefully Lupe won’t have to dumb himself down too much. Either way, it should be a good time.

GreenFest is scheduled to take place during the spring semester on April 18-22, 2011. Click here for more info: http://www.as.sdsu.edu/greenfest