CollegeFashionista: The Keys to Style

by Sarah Weinberg

Taking a trend and making it campus-appropriate can be tough. But that’s partly why CollegeFashionista exists: to show you, through other stylish students, how transforming a runway look into a school one can be done.

Through a perusal of this site, two key ideas come to mind: making it your own and toning it down, both of which this Fashionista has done. With punch-red hair, a gray and black shirt emblazoned with a tiger’s face, a black and orange scarf with a pattern that brings to mind an outer space world and ever-so-slightly high-waisted jeans, it’s obvious this Fashionista has the first key idea down – a style of her own.

If wearing a certain trend will leave you uncomfortable for the entire day, don’t do it! It takes time to develop a personal style but once you’ve discovered yours, there’s no need to push yourself to wear a trend that isn’t you.

Runway outfits are extravagant, extraordinary and not necessarily suitable for the real world of a Fashionista in college. Make sure to keep the second key idea of toning it down in mind. This Fashionista is rocking multiple trends – the top-knot, mixing patterns, high-waisted bottoms – yet keeps her outfit approachable. Take hints from her and ease into this season’s and seasons’ past hottest fads. For example, begin mixing and matching prints with similar colors or patterns, like this Fashionista did with her scarf and top. Notice the gray hue and spotted motif in both pieces.

As this Fashionista demonstrates, it isn’t hard to take runway to real way if you make the style your own and tone it down. Keep those two points in mind as you get ready in the morning, and work that walk to campus like only a true Fashionista could.