Senior farewell: Brandon Truffa


by Brandon Truffa, Senior Staff Writer

I could write an entire page’s worth about how thankful I am to have written for The Daily Aztec during my time here at SDSU. Writing for this paper was the best decision I made in my five years on this campus, and I wish I would’ve joined sooner, rather than later.

But, I don’t want to take up too many words with clichés summarizing all of the amazing memories I’ve made here, so I’ll just keep this short and sweet, and get straight to the people I would like to thank.

To the players, coaches, and SIDs I’ve worked with the past few years. Thank you all for being so cooperative, and giving me great insights and quotes for my articles. I enjoyed writing your stories, and they wouldn’t have been made possible without your help.

To Mr. Bruce T. Halle and my grandparents: Thank you for providing me with the financial support to pursue, and gain, a higher education. Your generosity has given me the tools, and paved the way to have a wonderful future.

To Rady Children’s Hospital: Thank you for literally saving my life when I was born. I can’t repay, or thank you enough.

To my fellow DA sports staff (past and present) including, but not limited to Max, Ryan, Anthony, Pat, Kris, Brendan, Kristian, Jacob, Matt, Zach, and Mayer: Thank you all for sharing the same passion for sports as I do. I’ll cherish the conversations, debates, and inside jokes we’ve made over the years.

To Daniel Galuppo: Thank you for putting up with me and Max’s personalities, and sports talk, even though you had no idea what we were talking about 90 percent of the time. Also, thank you for your dedication to making our videos far superior to News’.

Finally, to mom, dad, sister, and all of my family: Thank you for reading my stories, and being there for me to get through this thing called life (R.I.P. Prince). I love each and every one of you, and although I’m terrified of what the future may hold, I’m okay because I know you will continue to be my rock.