SDSU introduces new online campus resources

by Mary Vitale, Staff Writer

San Diego State introduced SDSUid, which allows students and faculty to manage their password through a single user ID, and an interactive school map in August.

SDSUid will be available to students and faculty and provides a way for students to access all campus programs through one website.

According to the email sent out a few weeks ago by SDSU, SDSUid will simplify students’ lives.

“With so many campus on-line computer services and workstations/devices available to students, staff , and faculty; there are many usernames and passwords that one has to remember and manage,” the email read.

Chris Xanthos, business operations associate vice president and chief information officer at SDSU, says that SDSUid is an identity and password management system that will allow one user id and password to access several servers on campus.

It is a self-service tool that lets students and faculty manage and retrieve their passwords securely by using security questions of a verification message through their phones or an email.

“Timelines for the rollout are currently being discussed with the University Senate and other stakeholders,” Xanthos said.       

Once available, SDSUid will eventually merge with different programs across campus making password-keeping much easier for students.

SDSU journalism junior Jessica Tran said that she experienced complications while trying to login to SDSUid.

Tran said that she had never received the initial email about SDSUid and the login information.

“I’ve talked to several other students who are having the same issues,” she said.

Students are encouraged to check their spam folders as well if they have not received the initial SDSUid information email.

“Considering they had to email login information to the entire student body and faculty, there was bound to be minor issues. But when I went in for help at the computing hub center, they were really helpful and were able to resend my login information that didn’t go through before,”  Tran said.

Theater, Film and New Media sophomore Lucas Williams has taken advantage of the resources that SDSUid has to offer too.

“It’s kind of nice for teachers and students to be on the same page with the programs we use,” Williams said.

Through SDSUid, Microsoft Office is available to students for free.

“I’ve been using Google Docs pretty much since it came out due to it being free and accessible anywhere,” Williams said. “However Google Docs definitely has it’s quirks so I was pretty stoked when I saw we could get Microsoft Office for free.”

Another new feature is the newly-released interactive map allows for students to see where construction is taking place. It is an easy way to help students find routes to their classes, housing and dining options on campus.

Students can zoom-in on different areas of campus and they can also check the business hours for different dining facilities around campus.

The map also shows wheelchair accessible routes and transportation throughout campus.