The stages of Thanksgiving break

by Thalia Bernal, Contributor

Oh Thanksgiving, the time for turkey and great company.

If you’re a student like me, you are most likely spending the days leading up to this holiday trying to figure out if anything is due before your mind completely checks out for break.

Luckily, some of your classes will probably be cancelled.

Most professors just end up canceling class to make up for the work they have assigned during your break, right? Let’s be more realistic.

Professors know that three days off just isn’t enough. I am sure they have booked their flights to spend at least a week elsewhere enjoying themselves. We deserve the same, right?

If your professors didn’t cancel class you are probably writing an email apologizing in advance for your absence and hoping that it doesn’t count as one of your two allowed absences because you already over slept twice this week and missed class, oops.

If your professor has a heart, they’ll understand.

You might be refreshing your emails and checking your spam folder hoping that class is indeed cancelled and you just missed the notification. Either way, you are ready for this break.

But you show up to class anyways. You find parking without a problem. There’s actually open spots in the library. There’s no line at Chipotle. What in the world is going on at San Diego State?

Students leave their dorms rolling their suitcases. They walk up to their parents cars, throw their stuff into the trunk and drive away. They tell themselves that they will enjoy their break and catch up on work.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

You will pack all your books planning to spend at least a couple hours a day studying. Hours pass and the only thing you constantly find yourself doing is eating the left over turkey. Friday comes and you somehow end up at the mall searching for left overs from the midnight sales. Happy Black Friday!

The weekend is here and all you can think of is the work you have to do. You tell yourself to enjoy your time back home. School work will always be there, right? Sunday night comes and you’re staring at your computer screen asking yourself where you went wrong.

Don’t be alarmed. This happens to almost everyone. Enjoy your Thanksgiving break and spare your trunk some extra room.

Just leave your books and schoolwork in your dorm or college apartment. I promise you won’t regret it. Plus, where are all the leftovers going to fit if you do bring them?