‘Total Frat Move’ website, Instagram degrades women at SDSU

Student’s Instagram photos, sometimes unknown to them, are plastered online for men to ogle and critique.

by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña, Mundo Azteca Editor

Tagging women by the pussy seems to be the norm for Instagram account TFM Girls.

The account with at least one million followers shares daily pictures of what the organization considers, “the hottest college girls in the world.”

Women can submit pictures via email or are contacted by the account to be featured on the page.

There is nothing wrong with women taking control of their sexuality and expressing it however they choose, but it is important to understand the platform on which it is being presented.

TFM Girls is affiliated with another account, Total Frat Move. According to their website, TFM is a “news and entertainment brand” that provides college and fraternity humor.

On the more than 3,700 posts of women in their bathing suits, most have “Total Frat Move” tagged on their breasts, butts or vaginas. The account is not being used as a means for women to own their sexuality in an empowering way, but to exploit them. ­

The account’s name alone implies that TFM Girls, or Total Frat Move Girls, are their girls — as in their property.

Nathian Rodriguez, assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies, said the tags on the photographs are symbolic.

“It’s saying that’s your face (but) that’s our vagina,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said it is a masculine idea — “bro code” — that “sharing is caring,” and women who belong to “brothers” belong to everyone else, too.

Rodriguez’s research focuses on media’s effect at the societal level, focusing on identity in minority populations.

He said that this site is not aimed at women, but at young males who feel the need to adhere to masculine norms.

Out of all the women on TFM Girls, at least 20 are from San Diego State.

Communications junior Samm Jandrisch has been featured on TFM Girls three times, but she did not submit photographs.

Jandrisch said TFM contacted her to feature her on TFM Girls but she never replied. Her photos were taken from her public account and posted, anyway.

“At first I was a little bit worried that people would think I sent it in,” she said.

Jandrisch said she gained new followers on her personal Instagram account and received messages from strangers after being on the page.

“I don’t feel disrespected at all,” she said, “I just feel that’s the type of account they have. That’s what the guys that follow (them) are looking for.”

Rodriguez said it’s the “boys will be boys” mentality that makes it socially acceptable, along with having a president that thinks its okay to “grab (women) by the pussy.”

Grabbing or tagging — where is the line?

Jandrisch was not aware that in addition to being on their Instagram, she was also featured as “TFM Babe of the Day” on the Total Frat Move website.

On the site, strangers post comments and critiques of women that range from offensive to disgusting.

An article on their website, “A mathematically perfect ranking of the 37 hottest girls on earth” lists different Instagram accounts of girls they call the “hottest on earth”.

“Send your girlfriend shopping, close the blinds, secure that belt around your neck, and enjoy,” the article says.

“That is a very masculine ethos of what college or frat boys should be,” Rodriguez said. “The photographs are presented in a way that says, ‘look, here are a bunch of girls that we think are hot, and you should too, otherwise you’re not a man like us. And, oh yeah, you should masturbate to them.’”

The women are presented as property. Some aren’t even given the choice of being on the account, but their Instagram accounts are public.

TFM Girls is degrading and disgusting.

To support this account, website and everything it stands for, is embarrassing.

Understand that you’re being associated with people like username katalyst, who commented on one picture, “A bit of a butter face but I guess if you’re only seeing the top of her head it wouldn’t matter much,” or username J.W. Dunddee, who said “Fat girls stumble across her Instagram page and spontaneously develop eating disorders,” or username Rowdy_Degenerate, who commented “I’ve never seen a more perfect butt to pee in.”

TFM Girls is not an Instagram account men should be proud of following.

There are sex-positive avenues for women to express themselves. They should not put themselves up for critiques and ridicule on a site designed to appeal to pigs.