LETTER: 30,000 seat MLS, Aztec stadium is small time

At least once a week the San Diego Union-Tribune has some kind of reference to the fact that San Diego State and its downtrodden brethren have to accept NCAA scraps due to its not being in a Power Five conference. Supposedly, SDSU has been working behind the scenes for years to gain entrance to that exclusive club.

Thanks to Steve Fisher, Rocky Long, donors, and staff, we now have teams that we can be proud of and certainly could hold their own in a Power Five conference. A 30,000-seat stadium, like the StubHub Center, would relegate SDSU to its rightful position in the athletic hierarchy — Nowheresville!

Small time thinking has hurt our city so many times and continues to deepen an inferiority complex that would not exist but for single-minded, wrong-headed, afraid-of-their-own-shadows leadership and a handful of litigious little men who can only gain dubious power by holding an entire city and county hostage.

My understanding is that MLS desires to keep a small stadium and that SDSU must work with them to find a compromise. However, with the Chargers leaving and SDSU’s tremendous football renaissance, bowl games and a potential Power Five inclusion, why are we even considering 30,000 seats?

This gives small time a bad name. I would rather throw some bleachers out on the practice field and play Mexico Poly and Marine Corps Recruiting District twice a year like we used to than be embarrassed again with this depressing proposal.

Dream big. Please.

Robert Gibson, Cardiff

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