Letter: May Day walk-out advocates for important causes

For many decades May Day was celebrated as International Workers’ Day in most countries around the world except for the country of its birth, the United States. 2006 suddenly put the holiday back on the map in the U.S. in a big way, as more than 1.5 million people marched in the streets against a Congressional bill attacking migrant rights. The action was a success, as the bill was defeated in a strike by some of the most vulnerable workers in the country. Many who walked out of work or school remember the day vividly as one of power and pride.

As May Day approaches next Monday, we students, workers and migrants find ourselves again in a confrontation. The richest one percent dominate our new Gilded Age as they did when May Day began in the 19th Century. A wildly unpopular president is leading attacks on our undocumented and Muslim sisters and brothers.

Can we call this “The People’s University” with a straight face when our university is paying workers less than the San Diego minimum wage and wants students to pay an extra $270 per year starting in the fall? Join us as we follow in the footsteps of the students, workers and migrants in May Days’ past by walking out at 12:15pm this Monday, May 1, advocating behind these three demands: Sanctuary on Campus, Campus Living Wage, and No Tuition Hike! We will rally in front of Hepner Hall, and buses will be provided to continue to the downtown Federal Building to join students and workers from around the county. Together, we can make this a May Day for the history books!


Bo Elder