Senior Farewell: Editor in Chief

by Jacob Sisneros, Editor in Chief

I don’t know how to start this, or end this, or what to put in the middle, but here we go. I will start by thanking everyone who has made it possible for me to succeed.

Special shoutout to the best mother I could ever ask for, to the best father who showed me the fine art of dad jokes and to the sister who is undoubtedly cooler than me.

To my loving relatives who have read my articles, no matter how boring.

To my old friends back home who have seen me grow and have grown with me. To my new friends who will continue to grow with me and who have accepted me with open arms.

To my first journalism teacher Mr. Evans who taught me the value of humor.

To my previous journalism adviser Cecilia Deck who shares my love for the Oakland Athletics and emboldened my love of journalism.

To my previous editors who have improved my writing immensely and taught me the value of having mentors.

To Jay Harn for his guidance and support in the best job I have ever had.

To Arthur Santana, Lanie Lockwood and Nicole Vargas for leading me in the right direction in the journalism department.

To the La Dorna Boys for providing constant entertainment.

To the countless others who have contributed to my journey and supported me along the way I want to extend the sincerest thank you I can possibly give.

This got sentimental, which is not really what I intended, but I’m clearly not in charge of my emotions at this point.

Warning: I am a sympathetic crier so if I sense anyone crying while reading this I will turn into an emotional wreck. Please reserve your tears.

Words cannot describe what The Daily Aztec has meant to me.

When I transferred to San Diego State two years ago, this 104-year-old newspaper helped me learn the campus and more importantly meet the people who would become my best friends for the next two years.

Having the opportunity to lead the paper for the last year has been surreal and a small part of me is still amazed that a bunch of college students can produce such a professional product every Tuesday night.

This has been the most stressful job I have ever had, but also the most rewarding experience I could ever ask for.

I had big shoes to fill following Kelly Hillock and Matt Bain and I am forever grateful for their guidance and support throughout the year.

I am going to miss the newsroom debates, scavenger hunts, karaoke and numerous memories I have had with the only group of people I would voluntarily lock myself in a muggy basement newsroom with.

I have seen everyone in the newsroom grow immensely over the year and I can’t wait to see what they all accomplish because the world needs great journalists.

Jamie Ballard, thank you for not hating me after I quit your section before even meeting you then got hired to work with you. I couldn’t have asked for a better managing editor and a better friend.

Andrew Dyer, I can’t imagine a better person to carry on the torch and I am beyond excited to see what you and your staff can accomplish next year.

Full confession: this isn’t even really a goodbye. I will be returning in the fall semester to finish up classes for my degree and I will have some role on the paper, whether it is writing, editing or just hanging out for the free coffee. That doesn’t make it any easier though because I am still losing my adopted family.

I hope I have been a good fake dad to you all and I will leave you with one last terrible dad joke: Why did the coffee file a police report? Because it got mugged.