Entering the school year on the right foot

by Jordan Rubin, Contributor

As the first week of classes came to an end, and the stress of finding classes seems to disappear, many are not aware of what lies ahead.  Syllabus week can be the easiest time to relax and get some last minute partying in. But in reality, preparing for the semester requires full attention.
Getting the right textbooks and material for classes early in the semester is an important aspect for success.

It might seem impossible because of the overwhelming line in the bookstore, but keep in mind how useful it is as a source. Another route to take is finding the textbooks from other students online and buying it cheaper. While the version might be different and the access code won’t work, it is still a useful tool for studying.

“I was smart enough to buy textbooks online through Facebook. It was way cheaper and the guy selling it said it was a good deal,” said freshman David Burd.

Another important aspect to keep in mind as syllabus week draws to a close is the seating situation in class. Choosing a seat in class represents what kind of student one would like to be. Depending on the size of the class or the professor, many might choose to sit in the front or way in the back of the class. Who take up the middle seats? Probably the students who came late and were the fill-ins. The back of the lecture hall can be the best way to still be in class while playing on a phone or taking a quick nap. The front can be a good place for the students who are trying to get their face remembered by the professor. However, as long as one is able to focus throughout the class, it shouldn’t really matter where one sits.

” I prefer to sit in the middle of the lecture hall towards the center because it is the best place for taking notes,” said pre-med sophomore Jordan Hoberman .

Attending class is important to prepare for upcoming tests and assignments. One might get the impression that skipping class won’t have any consequences in college — but keep in mind professors are able to do random attendance checks and pop quizzes. Every point counts when one takes classes that determine placement in a desired major. One might need the attendance boost to help because of a low test score.

Getting to class on time is essential as well because one will be more aware of what is expected rather behind when the lecture begins. Also, the best seat can be chosen when one is there ahead of time.

Syllabus week ended and so it is time to get serious about the school year. Keeping these essentials in mind can help avoid bumps along the road.


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