Letter: College Republicans moving too far to the right

by Ryan Price , Former Vice President of the College Republicans at SDSU

In recent months, the San Diego State College Republicans have presented a negative and divisive message that has gained national attention. While this is not a new trend amongst College Republicans nationwide, it is particularly worrisome that a club at our university has shifted so far to the right.

As the former vice president of the SDSU College Republicans, I am deeply saddened and disappointed with the club’s rhetoric. I joined the club more than a year ago to show my classmates that there are Republicans who believe in social equality, climate change and compassion, all while promoting freedom of speech and smart fiscal policies. Since my departure, the club has taken a major step backwards.

During the year I was a part of the College Republicans, most of the moderate Republicans stopped participating. It was then that I witnessed a great deal of hatred in our meetings and in forums like the SDSU College Republican Facebook page. Celebrating despicable alt-right figures and berating minorities and liberals became the norm. While I tried to change that mentality, I did not make much progress.

Under new leadership, things have only gotten worse.

Brandon Jones, the new president of the club, has needlessly antagonized the Muslim Student Association, called for the deportation of DACA recipients and relentlessly alleges there is a vast “left-wing indoctrination” conspiracy.

The “us” versus “them” campaign the College Republicans are waging is not the way to promote smart conservative policies on campus. This is, however, a way for the fringe right to meet on campus and express disdain for minorities, liberals and anyone who disagrees with them.

Unfortunately, the trend of Republican organizations on campus moving further to the right is not ending anytime soon. The only prescription for this is for moderate, sensible Republicans to balance the scales by getting involved and demanding inclusiveness, tolerance and peace. These were the principles the Republican party was founded on, even if it doesn’t seem that way anymore.