BFS’ eleventh CD is more lighthearted fun

by Allie Daugherty

Courtesy of Bowling For Soup

If Bowling for Soup has proved anything in its past 16 years of existence, it’s that rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t have to be serious to be good. Its new album “Fishin’ for Woos” continues to support this.

The first single, “S-S-S-Saturday,” is a light-hearted ode to the weekend that leaves listeners wanting to sing along to the smooth croonings of lead singer Jaret Reddick. While songs about the end of the week are becoming more cliché, Bowling for Soup pulls it off because of the fun attitude toward life portrayed in its music. Other songs on the album are dedicated to things such as having a bad day, American girls and Megan Fox.

This constant silliness is what makes the band’s 11th studio album worth listening to. In “Smiley Face (It’s All Good),” Reddick wants to know why he and his girl “can’t just get naked.” In “This Ain’t My Day,” he claims he left his pocketful of sunshine in his other pair of jeans.

Other tracks hail back to the band’s older music. “I’ve Never Done Anything Like This” seems like the sequel to “Girl All the Bad Guys Want” from 2002’s “Drunk Enough to Dance.” “Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love” strikes a resemblance to “Love Goes Boom” from 2009’s “Sorry for Partyin’.” Yet each song is still amusing and refreshing, keeping the oldest fans satisfied. Even the more pessimistic songs, such as “My Girlfriend’s An Alcoholic,” elicit laughs and delight.

While “Fishin’ for Woos” is not as clever as some of the band’s past work, it provides the perfect soundtrack to a carefree day that dares the listener not to smile. It’s a triumphant version of punk rock even though this is Bowling for Soup’s first independent album since 1996.

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