Sexual assault issue always swept under the rug, needs to be aired out

by Julie Cappiello, Contributor

Harvey Weinstein’s recent sexual assault accusations bring to light the sexual assault conversation once again. The same conversations come up every month. Gun control, racism, sexual assault — the list goes on. Instead of doing something society gives them their fifteen minutes and then forgets about them. Until the next time something big happens. There are many issues that surround sexual assault including the ridicule and skepticism many victims face.

There is a phrase that looms over sexual assault victims — “why didn’t you say something?” When this trauma occurs, the person is faced with the fear that no one will believe them.

Sadly, many people don’t.

Many times the victim comes forward and people tell them not to report it because it would hurt the perpetrator. In the Bill Cosby scandal, a lot of the women affected were told to stay quiet because Cosby was a household name in the U.S. The people who could have helped these women silenced them.

Hollywood is all about climbing to the top. Harvey Weinstein is an example of the people who prey on those trying to make it big. It is disgusting that people like this exist — those who manipulate and force themselves on to someone in a lower positon. This abuse of power should be condemned.

But people knew and no one said anything.

Is this because they were afraid they would not move up in Hollywood or did they just not care enough?

Sexual assault does not just occur in Hollywood. It is a problem that plagues college campuses throughout the nation. The statistics are disturbing. According to National Criminal Justice Reference Service, 19 percent of women and five to six percent of men will experience sexual assault while they are in college. For every 100 rapes, only two rapists will serve one day in prison.

Title IX prohibits sexual discrimination in an educational institution funded by the federal government. However, there are cases where the institution handles the issue poorly. This creates injustice for the victims.

There needs to be more education and discussion about sexual assault. The more it is brushed off, the more it is going to occur.

No one ever seeks to be sexually assaulted. The dress code topic is a fallacy. Sexual assault is about a predator taking advantage of someone. It is about taking someone else’s power. We need to come together. Help those who are brave and share their stories, and bring perpetrators to justice.