Action required to make San Diego State campus safer

by Kaeli Leoni, Contributor

It feels unsafe walking around San Diego State late at night. In the past couple weeks, SDSU students received some unsettling news about robberies and assaults involving students walking home in the area.

Recently, a girl walking around the neighborhoods on Campanile Drive was approached by an unknown man who threw water in her face and fought her to the ground. She ended up getting away. However, the suspect has not been caught.

I am scared to walk anywhere alone, especially in areas around campus. I always ask a friend if they can come pick me up and walk me back home after dark. This fear inspired me to start taking a “Self Defense for Women” class. This class teaches students how to protect themselves if they are targeted by an attacker, and — most importantly — how to get home safely.

Each class I feel more empowered and confident to walk myself back home if needed. But, at the end of the day I am still worried that I will be the target of an attack that I can’t fight off.

Although the university offers two “Self Defense for Women” classes, it is not enough to ensure safety. It should be the responsibility of the school to create a safe environment for students to walk around without the fear of getting robbed, assaulted or kidnapped. Measures need to be taken such as requiring more police to patrol the neighborhoods, or keeping students up to date with all attacks that occur.

Women are not the only targets of these crimes. There are so many stories that go unheard about the crime around SDSU. More action needs to be taken by the people who are supposed to keep us safe.