Concerts are a good way to connect with music idols

by Jordan Rubin, Staff Writer

People might not think about how old their favorite artists are. Many are the same age or even younger and have a career that most can only dream about. Some of the most successful artists in their 20’s include Lil Yachty, Khaled, Justin Bieber, Travis Scott and Chance The Rapper.

Attending concerts and festivals such as Coachella is a great way to feel connected to artists.

Coachella was a crazy and unforgettable experience.

It was interesting to see the artists interact with one another and which rappers they brought out as special guests. It showed they were trying to provide a special experience for the audience.

“My favorite artist is Logic, because his music preaches peace, love and positivity. If you aren’t living your life and treating others with those three things, then you are living life wrong,” said jazz studies sophomore Ben Watson. “Not only is he a genuine person, but his music is incredible with an even more incredible message.”

Lil Yachty is influential and talented. Not only is he just 19 years old, but he is also a recent graduate of high school and became successful before attending college. He recorded five albums, been featured on many songs and was even nominated for a Grammy.

However many young artists — as well as older ones — flash their money on social media. It’s understandable why one would want the attention and for people to see how wealthy they are, but there should be a certain level of respect when posting such images.

Rappers don’t seem to be fully aware of how this representation of themselves makes them look.

A negative presentation can deter fans from wanting to connect with them.

Artists like Famous Dex and Rich the Kid have a large amount of followers, and they throw around money on their social media accounts as if it’s worthless.

They should be more humble with the opportunities they were given because they were lucky enough to make it this far.

Concerts and festivals are not just enjoyable experiences, but also good ways to feel more connected with an idolized artist.