Beat the beat with Daft Punk

by David Dixon

MCT  Campus
MCT Campus

At 60 minutes long, the album “Discovery” has 14 strong tracks that are all fun. The electronic house band from France, “Daft Punk” starts things with a song that manages to be extremely addicting within seconds.

“One More Time” is perfect for people who love lighthearted and upbeat music. American singer Romanthony’s vocals go hand-in-hand with the wonderful and entertaining background melody.

There are some underrated gems on “Discovery” that did not generate as much popularity as the group’s big hits. “Something About Us” is a moving love single with touching lyrics and a somber score, which is an interesting contrast from Daft Punk’s more energetic songs.

“Too Long,” which is 10 minutes in length, is a great way to end the CD. As in the case with “One More Time,” the purpose behind it might just be for the listeners to get a groove on.

Released more than 10 years ago, “Discovery” still holds and is as terrific as ever. Even after some of its work became famous, Daft Punk continues to be a brilliant band that takes unconventional approaches to music. In other words, it is the real deal.

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