TailGate Beer brews craft flavor into a can

by Miranda Adler

Courtesy of tailgatebeer.com
Courtesy of tailgatebeer.com

TailGate Beer, founded by San Diego State alumnus Wesley Keegan, is stirring things up in the world of craft beer. San Diego’s first craft beer offered in a can, TGB is nonpareil in its original flavor, portability and price, created for the enjoyment of every type of drinker.

While Keegan was completing his last year at SDSU, the inevitable “What am I going to do with my life?” dilemma plagued the casual home brewer. It wasn’t until his late father suggested he take his ale affinity further that Keegan put his drive into TGB. After gaining some serious recognition at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Keegan knew he was on the right track.

“I just tried brewing beer that I would like to drink,” Keegan said, “I would never call myself a brewmaster.”

Founded in 2007, TGB began humbly enough with Keegan spreading the word about his beer door-to-door and to the bars around campus. He promoted his name by participating in numerous beer contests and festivals and continued to receive kudos about the taste of TGB.

TGB touts an “easy drinking” Blacktop Blonde and Hefeweizen, both available year-round in 12 oz. cans sold by the six-pack and on draft. Limited release Amber Wave, Brown Ale and IPA ABV are offered on draft only.

In January, TGB became the first San Diego craft beer released in cans. But why shake things up and begin offering the creations in an aluminum setting? Glass isn’t always permitted and the quality of portable ale wasn’t always up to par, according to Keegan.

“When my dad and I would tailgate we would bring serious food,” Keegan said. “I’m talking seafood and steaks. The beer’s got to taste good too.”

Keegan venerated growing up in the craft haven of San Diego for his inspiration and refined beer palette. He noted that in order to stand out, many craft breweries find it necessary to have outrageous names and crazy ingredients. The price, he said, can also limit consumers. For this reason, a six-pack of TGB is sold for no more than $7.99, depending on the vendor. Keegan wants to make TGB easily accessible to students 21 and older. Six-packs are available at Whole Foods Market, Louie’s Suds N’ Sun Pub in Aztec Center and La Casita.

Keegan is always looking to expand student involvement. Volunteer and intern positions are available for the summer. To learn more about TGB, visit tailgatebeer.com and follow TGB on Twitter at @tailgatebeer.