Movies should empower viewers

by Jordan Rubin , Staff Writer

The Greatest Showman generated a lot of buzz, not just because of its famous cast, but also because of the powerful message it portrays.

Five minutes into the movie and viewers are already hooked on the visuals and intense singing numbers. Yet the message the film conveys is underlying and important, especially for young audience members — that anyone can work to make their dream come true.

“I liked The Greatest Showman because it shows how dreams can become a reality and gives an inspiring story about hard work,” said dance studies sophomore Amanda Ascher.

Although people can work to become wealthy and successful, they must never forget where they started from. Things change and the future is never certain. Everyone has a chance to become the greatest version of themselves, so living life to the fullest should come with no regret. The message of this film shows the importance of being passionate about something one desires and aiming for success. There can be obstacles along the way, but learning from mistakes can lead to personal growth.

This message is inspiring, and is important to convey in a movie marketed towards families. Kids in the audience can see a dream become reality before their eyes and realize they can do the same for themselves.

Hopefully there’s a film with a message as important as this one in the future.

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