SDSU releases top 10 majors for class of 2018


Kelly Smiley

Conservative student organizations respond to Professor Casper’s political tweet.

by Bella Ross, News Editor

With commencement around the corner for thousands of San Diego State seniors, the university this week announced the top 10 majors for the class of 2018.

First on the list is psychology, with 437 graduates entering the workforce into various sectors such as law enforcement and health care.

Criminal justice is second on the list, with 368 graduates who have been prepared for careers in every level of law enforcement.

Degrees in business administration with an emphasis in finance will be given to 315 graduates.

Following closely behind in fourth place is business administration with an emphasis in marketing, with 314 graduates.

Fifth on the list is kinesiology, or pre-physical therapy. This major will have 308 graduates, many of whom will go onto graduate programs in physical therapy such as that offered at SDSU.

Mechanical engineering degrees will go to 276 students. The major prepares students to work in various fields that require the integration of design and analytical skills.

Interdisciplinary studies, which is the combination of three minors into one major, is the seventh top major for this year. It’s allowed 269 graduates to create their own unique academic experience in their time at SDSU.

Another business administration emphasis, accounting, took eighth place on the list of top majors, with 258 graduates. Many of these students will take the Certified Public Accountant exam to move on to careers in public accounting and taxation.

For the second year in a row, economics took number nine out of the top 10 majors. These 201 graduates will have a vast amount of sectors they can go into following graduation.

Lastly, biology was the 10th top major for the class of 2018, with 195 students who studied an array of different subtopics in biology.