Former SDSU student faces charges for arson, burglary and vandalism

by Lauren J. Mapp, Senior Staff Writer

The suspect in a series of four fires near San Diego State was charged with 12 felony counts for arson, burglary and vandalism on March 20 in the Superior Court of San Diego.

Former SDSU student Madelyn Delarosa pleaded not guilty to the charges. She faces up to 13 years in prison if convicted, said Tanya Sierra, public affairs officer for the San Diego County District Attorney.

Delarosa’s charges include two counts of arson on property, two counts of arson of an inhabited structure, four counts of possession of flammable material, two counts of vandalism over $400 and three counts of burglary.

The first of the burglaries took place on March 13, when Delarosa allegedly entered the Piedra Del Sol Apartments illegally and “maliciously” damaged and destroyed property, according to the felony complaint.

The March 13 incident was allegedly followed by a series of two more burglaries and four fires between March 14 and 16.

The 19-year-old was arrested by university police on suspicion of arson March 16, said Raquel Herriott, spokeswoman for SDSUPD.

A bail of $450,000 was set for Delarosa, who is currently in custody and has been assigned a public defender. She is set to appear in court for a readiness hearing March 29 and a preliminary hearing April 3, Sierra said

No injuries resulted from the fires, Herriott said, and investigators have yet to determine a motive for the alleged crimes.