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San Diego serves up multicultural food

Photo courtesy of Sandee Cornejo
Ice cream from Villa Manila, a popular Filipino food destination in Chula Vista.

With a new school year coming, visitors have a chance to explore what makes the San Diego culinary scene unique. The city features no lack of multicultural food options, and each neighborhood comes with its own specialties.

From Filipino, to Korean, Mexican and Chinese foods, here is a look at different styles to try around San Diego.

When it comes to Filipino food, there are two must-visit places. The first one is Max’s Restaurant, located on 2127 Olympic Pkwy. in Chula Vista.

This restaurant is well known for its signature fried chicken as well as other traditional Filipino dishes, such as sisig and palabok. Sisig is chopped pork with egg, and palabok includes noodles with shrimp, pork, vegetables and onions.

Another popular Filipino restaurant is Villa Manila on 689 H St., another Chula Vista destination. Paired with a great atmosphere, the restaurant serves a special family dish known as Kamayan, which is an offering of many Filipino dishes served on a table covered in banana leaves. It is customary to eat the food by hand, making the experience fun for first-timers.

Another popular multicultural food San Diego offers is Korean food. While many Korean restaurants have made a home for themselves in Convoy, another notable spot is 356 Korean BBQ, located on 1640 Camino Del Rio N. in Mission Valley.

One reason this place is a go-to spot for Korean food is because it allows customers to experience something new.

With Korean barbeque, people can cook the food themselves on a grill built into their own dining table. Similar to most Korean barbeque places, this restaurant also offers a menu with a variety of meats ranging from pork, beef, brisket, chicken and bulgogi. Guests should embrace the “all you can eat option” for a little taste of everything.

Those who visit San Diego should also keep in mind the city’s vast options for Chinese cuisine. One particular place to visit is Wei Wei Express on 6465 University Ave., just 10 minutes south of campus.

This restaurant serves traditional, no-frills Chinese food at relatively low prices compared to other highly-rated Chinese restaurants. Visitors should appreciate the comforting atmosphere, made better with great customer service.

They are best known for their Wei Wei Chicken Wings, which are chicken wings glazed in a special spicy, sweet, basil sauce. Some other menu items to try are Salt & Pepper Chicken, Wei Wei Shrimp and Tonkotsu Ramen.

Lastly, a visit to San Diego is not complete without a taste of some delicious Mexican food, and there is certainly no lack of it in the border city. One of the best places in the city is Tacos El Gordo on 689 H St. in Chula Vista. This restaurant, with locations as far as Las Vegas, is known for being the main standard of San Diego mexican food, and also holds the title for the best tacos in Las Vegas according to USA Today.

The company’s very first location was opened in 1998 in San Diego. From adobada and carne asada, to suadero and chorizo, there are a variety of tacos to taste that can satisfy any hungry stomach, and all of them are very affordable.

San Diego is a unique city with a variety of multicultural food options for locals and visitors alike. There are many cultures to experience that can leave a lasting impression.

Devin Whatley is a sophomore studying journalism.

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Devin Whatley, '20-21 Arts & Culture Editor
Devin Whatley is a fourth-year journalism major from San Diego, CA. He hopes to become a correspondent for "60 Minutes" or a sports journalist covering the NFL, NBA, or college sports. In his free time, Devin enjoys listening to music, writing stories and working on his own podcast, "On The Record." Devin began writing for The Daily Aztec in Sept. 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @devinwhatley.
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San Diego State University’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1913
San Diego serves up multicultural food