Campus Curlz keeps the natural look


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Members of the SDSU chapter of Campus Curlz sat on the grass by the turtle pond on campus with their matching shirts with the slogan, “Hard Work, Soft Curlz.”

by Devin Whatley, Staff Writer

No two people on campus have the same hair, but one club is looking to unite them all under one roof. 

That club, Campus Curlz, looks to bring San Diego State students together through the appreciation and appearance of natural hair, and by providing community service throughout San Diego.

Campus Curlz President and speech, language and hearing sciences senior Lauryn Merriweather said the club is a local chapter of a national organization.

“The mission of Campus Curlz is a natural hair and community service based organization that seeks to enhance, educate and uplift SDSU and the surrounding local community,” she said.

Although Campus Curlz seeks to enhance the entire SDSU community, a large part of the club’s intention was to support the black community on campus specifically..

“This organization fulfilled a missing piece of SDSU,” Merriweather said. “We are the first registered student organization with a focus on natural hair in the black community. People may question why there needs to be a club about hair, but our hair has a story to tell and our hair has a history.”

Merriweather also wants students to know there are many benefits to joining Campus Curlz this semester.

“Students will be able to gain a community, leadership experience and service involvement opportunities,” she said. “Official members will be in close collaboration with the executive board in the form of committees to help plan programs focused on natural hair, identity, entrepreneurship and personal branding.”

Campus Curlz Event Co-Coordinator and theater sophomore Dominique Payne has many different events and meetings planned for this coming year.

This semester we are planning events that will educate students on how to care for their natural hair, as well as provide a platform for students and local businesses dedicated to styling natural hair,” she said.

Campus Curlz has created many opportunities for students to try something new, make new friends and create lasting memories.

Interdisciplinary studies senior and Internal Relations Co-Chair Kaylah Abdullah said being in Campus Curlz has not only opened up opportunities to make memories, but also to branch out and experience new things. 

 “I have gained so much confidence in myself and have created lasting relationships with other Campus Curlz members,” she said. “Just being in a space where being yourself is celebrated and being able to help others pull that confidence out themselves has been such an amazing experience.”

One particular memory Abdullah recalls was their first interest meeting back in Fall 2017.

We had around 50 people come out to learn about Campus Curlz and our goals for the school year,” Abdullah said. “It was extremely validating to know that we had so many people interested in an organization that has never existed here at SDSU.”

The club has created memories for many students in its short time of existence, and they are also looking to get more students to join the club every year. 

Merriweather hopes to reach towards a larger male audience and create an atmosphere where all students feel like they belong in the club.

Our numbers are growing but we still want to reach a larger male audience,” she said. “It’s important for everyone to feel like they have a place in (Campus Curlz).”

To encourage students to join the club, Internal Relations Co-Chair and political science senior Tiana Loving summed up the club in one sentence.

Campus Curlz will transform the way you think about natural hair by enhancing, educating and uplifting those on our campus through our love of hair, educational support and service,” she said.

For more information about Campus Curlz, reach out to their social media via Twitter @sdsucampuscurlz or Instagram @campuscurlz.sdsu.


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