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Annual U.S. consumer prices fall for first time since 1955

Decrease in U.S. industrial production last month: 1.5%

Decrease in consumer price index last month following decline in energy prices: .1%

Since last March consumer prices are down: .3%

Mass blogging and messaging Internet site “Twitter’ surges in popularity

Growth in Twitter Internet traffic last month: 131%

Increase in number of unique Internet visitors from February to March: 5 million

Number of unique visitors Twitter attracted last month: 9.3 million

UC San Diego admissions office mistakenly e-mails admittance letters to all incoming

Number of acceptance letters sent to students applying to UCSD for Fall 2009: All 46,000 applicants

Number of college applicants who were actually admitted to UCSD: 18,000

Number of applicants who were mistakenly admitted to UCSD: 28,000

–Compiled by State of Mind Contributor Tom Hammel