How to save money at the bookstore and elsewhere on Cyber Monday

by Catlan Nguyen and Ceighlee Fennel, Staff Writer and Arts and Culture Editor

Risking your life for a good deal on a new flatscreen T.V. is so last season. Cyber Monday lets people shop from the comfort of their own home, but it flies by. If people miss this cyber holiday, don’t worry because the deals filter throughout the week with must-get items for the holiday season.

Almost all brands participate in Cyber Monday, but it can be hard to decide where to order from with so many choices.

The ShopAztecs Online Bookstore offered 30% off of all Aztec gear starting, but this is one sale that didn’t make it past Cyber Monday.

Senior Lead at the campus bookstore Monica Pitez said the sale was online only, excluding the physical store on campus. However, the bookstore does collect on their exclusive online sale.

“We absolutely expect an increase in online orders,” an online customer sales representative said before the sale. “Cyber Monday deals in itself double sales and is very lucrative.”

Cyber Monday efforts for the online bookstore included reaching out to alumni about the sales and pushing their holiday campaign, A Gift for Every Aztec.

The campaign does continue through the holiday season. 

During the holiday season in November and December, it’s all hands on deck and the team usually finishes processing their online orders around 7 to 8 p.m, the online customer sales representative said. 

People from other departments, such as the clothing department, receiving department and web processing department, also pitch in during this time of year.

Happening at the same time and continuing past Cyber Monday is the bookstore’s Tax-Free Sale on technology either online or in store. The sale allows buyers to dodge sales taxes, allowing people to save around a couple hundred dollars. 

This sale is offered to people who are associated with San Diego State and have an active Red I.D., the online customer service representative said. 

All Apple products are eligible for the sale, even discounted models, previous models and Beats products. 

The Tax-Free Sale’s preorders began in November and will run until Dec. 5 at 11:59 p.m.

Other deals to look for online for the holiday season include those on the Hydroflask, Best Buy, and Lululemon websites. These brands offer some must-buy gifts for the season.

Hydroflasks are a stereotypical staple for SDSU students, but they aren’t the cheapest products in the campus bookstore. Hydroflask is offering 25% off their entire website until Dec. 8. These staples comes in multiple sizes and shapes, but there are lots of products to choose from with an entire website sale. Gift for friends and family, or a gift for you, this sale is a must.

For all your technology desires, Best Buy also offers student deals year round. There are multiple locations around SDSU. Best Buy has gifts for everyone, every year. Headphones for the siblings, or a new surround sound system for your parents, there are tons of options to choose from.

Lululemon offered 30 to 40% off certain items for Cyber Monday. Looking around on campus, Lululemon is everywhere. Keep an eye out for more holiday deals because these are must-get gifts. 

There are also the classic big name retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. They are both offering hundreds of deals on gifts for your loved ones.