SDSU asks chronically ill, older adults to stay home; ARC to close temporarily


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by Roxana Becerril, Engagement Editor

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has issued new restrictions for California, according to an email sent by President Adela de la Torre on Sunday night. The restrictions call for the home isolation of people over the age of 65 and those with chronic disease.

In light of this, the California State University has issued a mandate stating, “Effective immediately, all CSU employees so categorized must stay off campus and/away from the Chancellor’s Office.”

People under these categories are deemed to be at high-risk during the coronavirus pandemic. Chronic medical conditions include heart disease, diabetes and lung disease, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Individuals in both categories are advised to practice home isolation, contact their supervisor to discuss telework options or be placed on paid administrative leave.

Given the mandate, San Diego State has decided to implement additional precautionary measures. The Mission Bay Aquatic Center will close on Monday, March 16. The Aztec Recreation Center and Faculty Staff Club will also close on the same day, however both locations will only be closed temporarily.

The SDSU Children’s Center will close Wednesday, March 18 until April 6, unless conditions call for an extension. Families affected by the closure will receive more information privately.

Cultural centers on campus including the Center for Intercultural Relations, Black Resource Center, Women’s Resource Center, PRIDE center, Native Resource Center, Latinx Resource Center and Center for Transformative Justice will suspend operations on March 16 and 17.

The centers are scheduled to reopen the following day, after social distancing guidelines are established.

Reopening dates for the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, Aztec Recreation Center, Faculty Staff Club and the university’s cultural centers will be communicated at a different time.

SDSU dining will reduce seating capacity and offer more grab-and-go options to encourage social distancing at its dining facilities.

Members of the SDSU community with commitments that involve the care of family members should communicate with their supervisor if coming to campus is an issue. If telework is not an option, accrued leave may be used during this time.

People who do not fall under the two categories of high risk are still encouraged to practice social distancing of six feet when near others, per de la Torre’s email. The community is also encouraged to comply with the CDC’s recommendation of limiting gatherings to no more than 50 individuals, including events organized by individuals.

For more updates on coronavirus and the university, visit SDSU’s COVID-19 website.

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