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Newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh confirmation sparks campus conversations about sexual assault resources

by Maya Al-Zaben, Contributor // October 10, 2018

During the battle over now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanugh's confirmation, which centered around the former judge's alleged sexual misconduct at his...

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Aztecs cornerback Ron Smith (center) leads the

‘I am SDSU’ campaign strives to increase student involvement in community events

by Sofia Bert, Senior Staff Writer // September 13, 2018

New university President Adela de la Torre put her words to actions on her promise of connecting with the student body by kicking off a new “I am SDSU”...

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This semester marks President Adela de la Torre's first in the position.

Meet SDSU’s first female, Latina president

by Bella Ross and David Santillan // August 24, 2018

In the midst of major shifts at San Diego State, the biggest promises to be the new president, one who seems intent on leading a wave of change throughout...

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University officials celebrate the opening of the Undocumented Resource Area.

Undocumented Resource Area opens amid challenges to DACA program

by David Santillan, Assistant News Editor // August 15, 2018

San Diego State’s Undocumented Resource Area officially opened its doors on May 2 during a heartfelt ceremony that featured alumni and community members...

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San Diego State President Adela de la Torre walks toward guests after a flag raising ceremony in June 2018.

Adela de la Torre takes seat as SDSU’s newest president

by Bella Ross, News Editor // June 28, 2018

On the morning of June 28, a small instrumental performance of the national anthem signaled new beginnings at San Diego State as Adela de la Torre began...

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People of color should be able to celebrate Black Panther without cries for inclusion

by Kemi Giwa, Staff Writer // March 14, 2018

After the release of Black Panther I thought, “Finally, this is our movie, a movie for black people.” After I said this, someone asked me why it...

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SDSU's next president, current UC Davis administrator Adela de la Torre, will move into a this $2.3 million home in Alvarado Estates.

Aztec Shops purchase $2.3 million Alvarado Estates home for incoming president

by Lauren J. Mapp, Staff Writer // March 5, 2018

When San Diego State’s next president, Adela de la Torre, steps into her new position, she will be moving into a newly-purchased, $2.3 million home in...

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Adela de la Torre, the SDSU's newly-selected president, chats with Associated Students Chimezie Ebiriekwe at her first visit to campus Feb. 8. De la Torre is set to take office this summer.

What SDSU’s first Latina president means to the Latino community

by Alexa Navarro, Staff Writer // February 28, 2018

When it was announced that Adela de la Torre would be the next San Diego State president, the first woman and person of color to hold the position, there...

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President Adela de la Torre announced the launch of two presidential task forces in response to the death of a fraternity pledge last week.

SDSU escoge a la primera mujer como presidenta

by David Santillan, Editor de Medios Sociales // February 11, 2018

La Universidad Estatal de San Diego anunció a Adela de la Torre como la nueva presidenta permanente de la universidad, estableciendo la primera vez que...

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Newly-named president makes first visit to San Diego State

by David Santillan, Social Media Editor // February 9, 2018

San Diego State introduced its next president to the campus community during a welcome reception held a week after her name was announced. Adela de...

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Adela de la Torre, vice chancellor of student affairs and campus diversity at UC Davis, will serve as SDSU's new president. Photo courtesy of SDSU Newscenter.

New university president has a diverse background

by Will Fritz, News Editor // February 7, 2018

San Diego State’s next president has a history of working with diverse groups of students on a wide range of issues. It’s even in her job description. Adela...

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President Adela de la Torre can be an advocate for women and minorities at SDSU

by Kemi Giwa, Staff Writer // February 7, 2018

San Diego State has just named Adela de la Torre as the university’s new permanent president. In addition to being only the ninth person to serve this...

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