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Viejas Arena (pictured here) served as one of many polling sites where voters could decide on one of the 15 measures on the ballot in California.

Formerly incarcerated SDSU students, alumni react to passage of Proposition 17

by Catlan Nguyen, Social Media Editor // November 18, 2020

Earlier this month, California voters passed five of the propositions on the ballot and rejected seven. Proposition 17, which allows state parolees...

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Proposition 17 is one of 12 initiatives on the California Ballot. If passed, Prop 17 would restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated people still on parole.

Some SDSU students can’t vote. Proposition 17 will change that

by Catlan Nguyen, Social Media Editor // October 26, 2020

Should every citizen in the United States get the right to vote? Should one mistake take your voice away? With the elections approaching quickly,...

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The Daily Aztec has created this voter guide to help you navigate the 2020 California propositions.

DA Voter Guide: California Propositions

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Katelynn Robinson, and Jadyn Brandt // October 21, 2020

Proposition 14 Prop 14 authorizes bonds to continue funding stem cell and other medical research. It issues $5.5 billion in bonds to investors and...

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