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SDSU graduation rate growth proves advancements made over the past few years

by Cassidy McCombs, Senior Staff Writer // April 18, 2018

Many seniors have their eyes locked on graduation, juniors are debating the final planning stages of their last year and other San Diego State students...

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SDSU should follow in county's footsteps and initiate straw ban

SDSU should follow in county’s footsteps and initiate straw ban

by Cassidy McCombs, Senior Staff Writer // March 7, 2018

According to a report released by the National Park Service’s Be Straw Free Campaign, 500 million plastic straws are used in the U.S. everyday – this...

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Procrastination can be beneficial, so slow down and enjoy life

by Cassidy McCombs, Senior Staff Writer // February 7, 2018

A moment in time is hard to define these days. An hour feels short one day and long the next, or changes throughout the day based on what is happening....

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Interdisciplinary studies major helps appease student stress

by Cassidy McCombs, Senior Staff Writer // November 8, 2017

What is the point of getting an undergraduate degree? San Diego State prides itself on being a diverse campus – and it is. All students are welcomed....

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Stress is not going away after college, and can’t be ignored

by Cassidy McCombs , Staff Writer // October 25, 2017

What are your plans for after you graduate? College students are feeling the growing stress as the semester hits its midway mark, and the stress of...

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Why I don’t play post-date texting games

by Cassidy McCombs, Staff Writer // October 11, 2017

Last weekend I met a guy. Well, I’ve met him a few times over the course of this year. But last Saturday night my friend convinced me that this guy was...

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Opinion: Like it or not, social media footprints are forever

by Cassidy McCombs, Staff Writer // September 27, 2017

As another news topic blows up social media newsfeeds, so do everyone’s opinions. This weekend the NFL captured America’s attention with their unifying...

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Why we should stop arguing DACA under capitalist ideals

by Cassidy McCombs, Staff Writer // September 13, 2017

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is the most talked about story in America. DACA was implemented in 2012 and allows certain immigrants...

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Transfer students are San Diego State’s hidden gems

by Cassidy McCombs, Staff Writer // August 21, 2017

  Generally speaking, most college freshmen experience a mixture of anxiety, excitement and anticipation prefacing their first semester. The possibilities...

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Study abroad requirement creates hardships for students

by Cassidy McCombs, Staff Columnist // April 26, 2017

Studying abroad is the new black. What used to be a program required for international majors has now become a stereotypical experience for most college...

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What is the true cost of cheap eats?

by Cassidy McCombs, Contributor // April 5, 2017

Who doesn’t want to find a local food joint that serves authentically tasty cheap food? Many online food blogs have grown in popularity by releasing...

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Long-acting reversible contraceptives a safe alternative

by Cassidy McCombs, Contributor // March 8, 2017

With administration threats to defund Planned Parenthood and drastically alter the Affordable Care Act, many women are revisiting their birth control options....

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