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Blue and red make purple: Social media hijacks America's idea of unity

Blue and red make purple: Social media hijacks America’s idea of unity

by Sebastian Mendoza, Staff Writer // December 17, 2020

Anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the last couple of years will agree with me when I say society has progressed exponentially in the way medications...

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What college life is like without a social media presence

by Patrick Doyle, Contributor // September 4, 2019

Major social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, along with many others, are avidly used among a large percentage...

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Social media is seriously ruining our relationships

by Cristian Alvarez, Staff Writer // January 30, 2019

As social media grows, it is also beginning to change life as we know it. People are becoming increasingly active on media platforms like Instagram,...

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Opinion: Like it or not, social media footprints are forever

by Cassidy McCombs, Staff Writer // September 27, 2017

As another news topic blows up social media newsfeeds, so do everyone’s opinions. This weekend the NFL captured America’s attention with their unifying...

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Opinion: Professor’s post disrespectful, insensitive and disgusting

by Talia Raoufpur, Senior staff columnist // August 1, 2017

San Diego State political science professor Jonathan Graubart’s recent Facebook post expressing irritation towards the outpour of positive wishes for...

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Social media: You really don’t need it that bad

by Hanna Moon, Contributor // April 6, 2016

As I have in the past years, I decided to set a goal for myself at the start of a new year. This year, my resolution was something that’s been on my...

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Now entering the Twilight Zone of Facebook

by Christine Whitman, Senior Staff Writer // February 23, 2016

It was a normal Wednesday night. I’m sitting in the living room with my roommate, stressing over the horror that is public relations, when I hear a booming...

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Snapchat’s unexpected success: Why do we love it so much?

by Lehi Naseem, Contributor // February 10, 2016 Poof. That image of your best friend rolling her eyes in her Comm 103 lecture has disappeared. You laughed instead...

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Changing your Facebook profile picture does absolutely nothing for Paris

by Jimmy Janszen, Staff Columnist // November 18, 2015

The tragedy that took place in Paris has overtaken social media. Some point out flaws with media focusing on a European massacre as opposed to a massacre...

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A dislike button would enable more cyberbullying

by Marissa Ochoa, Staff Columnist // October 5, 2015

Nothing can boost an ego more than getting dozens of likes on a social media post. It’s a high this generation can’t get enough of. Conversely, not...

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Social media feeds into depression

by Anna Waletzko, Contributor // December 1, 2014

More than one billion people around the world have Facebook accounts. Twitter has 232 million users and Instagram has around 200 million. For many people,...

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Professors ban all in-class distractions

Professors ban all in-class distractions

by Emily Alvarenga, Staff Columnist // October 10, 2014

In today’s day and age, technology is practically taking over our everyday lives. As college students, we are constantly on our phones and laptops in...

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