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Support cruelty-free companies

by Kayla Henrikson, Staff Writer // December 12, 2018

Cover Girl is the most recent company to proclaim themselves cruelty-free. Being cruelty-free means that a company does not test on animals, but after...

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It’s time to end the war on vaping now

by Miles Streicek, Staff Writer // December 5, 2018

Society needs to take a long, hard look at what the responsibility of the government is in people’s lives. Most would agree when it comes to private...

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Requiring GMOs to label their goods is an important — and necessary — gauge on potentially harmful elements we consume. | MCT Campus

Label GMOs to increase eating awareness

by Randy Wilde // April 8, 2012

Information is power – especially when it comes to knowing what we’re putting in our bodies. Yet food industry giants appear hell-bent on keeping...

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