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Courtesy of Alex Dejecacion

Pumphouse works to establish itself

by Danny Dyer , Staff Writer // April 5, 2017

San Diego’s music scene added a refreshingly simplistic rock group to its roster in the spring of 2015. Alternative rock outfit Pumphouse hails from...

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Courtesy of Michael Gould

Freshman records music every day in dorm

by Kelly Kerrigan, Staff Writer // April 5, 2017

When college decisions approached, Michael Gould was unsure of what to declare as his major. He went his entire life assuming he would become a doctor...

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Courtesy of Lydon Quill

DJ conveys feelings in the moment

by Julianna Ress , Senior Staff Writer // April 5, 2017

Young musicians often spend their college years exploring different genres and styles, but recording technology and audio design sophomore Lydon Quill’s...

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