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NCAA must support athletes’ rights

by Mike Heral // February 24, 2014

The unionization movement by college football players is misguided. Advocacy via the NCAA already exists. The problem is, it’s a role the NCAA neglects....

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Reactionary coverage of mass shootings is irresponsible

by Mike Heral // September 25, 2013

News consumers expect professionalism and answers from media outlets. This is never truer than during times of crisis, when even those not accustomed to...

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California criminalizes cyber revenge

by Mike Heral // September 18, 2013

Inspired by a teenage suicide, the California State Legislature passed a “cyber revenge” bill on Sept. 11. If signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, Senate Bill...

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Online courses fail to connect with quality education

by Mike Heral // August 28, 2013

I come here not to bury online courses but to yield to them. It's not like I have a choice now that the California State University system believes online...

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Summer courses almost offer what students need

by Mike Heral // July 22, 2013

I ask for advice less than I ask for directions—and I never ask for directions. I’ll walk holes into Home Depot’s floor before asking a worker where...

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Time Warner strikes out Padres in cable negotiations

by Mike Heral // April 19, 2013

Let’s play word association. Name the first five things that come to mind that symbolize San Diego. Mine are the beach, zoo, SeaWorld, San Diego State...

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Legalize prostitution to protect youth from killers & STDs

by Mike Heral // January 23, 2013

T he idea behind legalized abortion is a woman’s right to choose. Alternatively, she can receive living expenses while placing her unborn baby up...

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Take government out of marriage to ensure equality

by Mike Heral // November 25, 2012

The Washington Post’s Nov. 22 issue includes an article about Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan of the New Hampshire Army National Guard. Morgan...

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Mandatory service would benefit all Americans

by Mike Heral // November 13, 2012

I went to basic training twice. Everyone should attend at least once. Its value comes from more than clichés of patriotism and discipline, which can...

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Genome sequencing creates ethical dilemas

by Mike Heral // November 7, 2012

In simpler times, parents faced one neonatal choice: whether or not to know the baby’s sex. Since then, science advanced and now whole genome sequencing...

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Right to rent and resell threatened

by Mike Heral // October 18, 2012

We are being gouged everywhere we shop. Today, everything costs more than it should. Those costs will continue to increase if book publisher John Wiley...

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Parents responsible for declining SAT scores

by Mike Heral // October 8, 2012

SAT scores have dropped again. According to The College Board, a not-for-profit educational advocacy organization, revealed that only 43 percent of high...

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