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Summer movie season heats up at cinema

by David Dixon

June 25, 2012

This summer at the multiplex, there will be a range of exciting movies to choose from, including an absurd comedy, an award- winning drama and the ending to a memorable action-packed trilogy. The hilariously and politically inco...

Pixar’s “Brave” misses mark, hits mediocrity

by Kevin Smead

June 25, 2012

“Brave” is an unsettling movie. This is not because of the nature of the film, but rather the quality. When Pixar released “Cars 2” to middling reviews, many wrote it off as a single misstep from a studio that coul...

Ensemble shines in ‘Hotel’

by David Dixon

May 9, 2012

Never underestimate the power of a strong ensemble movie. It can be extremely difficult to pull off; for every “Traffic” there is a “Town & Country.” “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” is a successful comedy-drama with eight performers at the top of the...

‘Bully’ releasing in more theaters

by David Dixon

April 11, 2012

In the interest of starting this review with something upbeat before going in-depth about the dark subject matter, “Bully” recently received some good news. The controversial documentary has received a “PG-13” rating, rather than the contested “R,” meani...

‘Project X’ spices clichés

by Isabella Place

March 16, 2012

It’s no secret that “Project X” has every bit of high school shenanigans known to mankind: waiting for the parents to leave town so a massive 17th birthday party can be thrown for main character Thomas Kub, attempting to invite the hottest girls in school to said party, trying to get booze without ha...

Loyalty to Burroughs leads to mediocrity

by Andrew Younger

March 14, 2012

“John Carter,” the film adapted from the first book in author Edgar Rice Burroughs’ sprawling 11-part “Barsoom” fantasy series, represents the most acceptable type of failure: The filmmakers were too close to the ...

Released Friday

by John Anderson

February 16, 2012

“The Secret World of Arrietty” This animated film is an adaptation of Mary Norton’s “The Borrowers” from the renowned studio that produced “Spirited Away” and “Ponyo.” A miniscule 14-year-old inhabits the rec...