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Understand what #TakeAKnee really stands for

by Julie Cappiello, Contributor // October 4, 2017

There are dark forces haunting America — a shadow of hate has fallen over the country. While it has always been there, it is now darker than ever. President...

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Physical Education Senior Ed Cherry is pulled off of American Nazi Party Leader George Lincoln Rockwell at a 1962 speech on campus

Assault on white nationalist Richard Spencer echoes similar action on campus almost 55 years ago

by Andrew Dyer, Opinion Editor // January 24, 2017
Is it okay to punch Nazis?
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“Crime After Crime” examines existing problems in the criminal justice system

“Crime After Crime” examines existing problems in the criminal justice system

by Nicole Badgley, Staff Writer // October 28, 2016

From 1977 to present, the number of incarcerated women has increased from 20,000 to more than 120,000. Eighty percent of these women are also victims of...

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Clinton’s platform reflective of progressive, intersectional feminism

by Anthony Berteaux, Staff Columnist // September 14, 2016

When Hillary Clinton spoke at a Planned Parenthood Action Fund dinner about the intersection of reproductive rights, economic inequality and systemic racism...

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Vote for candidates because of their ideals, not their gender

by Kemi Giwa, Staff Columnist // February 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton and her run for presidency ties feminists from all across the country closer together and it fills those who fought for women’s rights...

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Prejudice and racism: They differ more than you might think

by Kemi Giwa, Staff Columnist // January 27, 2016

Racism describes a system built to keep a race or ethnicity away from success and evolution — a systematic disadvantage based solely on race. By that...

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Follow Oklahoma’s lead and take action when fraternities get out of hand

by KC Stanfield, Staff Columnist // March 27, 2015

It feels like the cycle was never-ending; a fraternity does something stupid and the university gives a slap on the wrist, and case closed. But this...

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Q&A: Racial Privilege

February 9, 2015

The Daily Aztec sat with Africana Studies Assistant Professor Antwanisha Alameen-Shavers to discuss racial privilege as it exists in society today.  Daily...

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Racial privilege not so black and white

by Anna Waletzko, Staff Writer // February 9, 2015

“White racism” has recently become a  prominent topic in the United States: from white folks claiming the Obamacare tax on tanning beds is “reverse-racist,”...

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White-washed resumes pay the bills

by Emmilly Nguyen, Senior Staff Writer // February 8, 2015

It may not be your profanity-riddled Facebook status or incriminating Instagram picture that’s keeping you from your dream job. It can be something...

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Society paints racist views

by Marissa Ochoa, Staff Columnist // October 30, 2014

With Halloween just around the corner, there’s bound to be some case of blackface popping up and causing a controversy. However, it’s not necessarily...

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