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Students walk past the corner of Fraternity Row located on 55th Street.

Interfraternity Council adds new positions

by Katelynn Robinson, News Editor // September 15, 2021

Fraternities and sororities have started recruitment for the year, starting with tabling, house events and tours. After a year of being completely virtual,...

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SAE fraternity house located at College Place. The fraternity will be suspended in abeyance until Dec. 31. The fraternity will then be under probation for the following semester.

SAE suspended in abeyance due to policy violations including alcohol and hazing

by Catlan Nguyen, Editor in Chief // September 15, 2021

Last month, San Diego State released a report where they found the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) Fraternity violated seven student organization codes of conduct...

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Fraternities and sororities completed their Fall rush virtually for the first time this semester.

Greek Life goes through digital “rush” during COVID-19

by Bradley Gonzales, Contributor // September 23, 2020

For the first time ever, San Diego State students rushed with fraternities and sororities digitally over the past two weeks due to concerns about COVID-19.  The...

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IFC implements social moratorium due to COVID-19

IFC implements social moratorium due to COVID-19

by Katelynn Robinson, Assistant News Editor // August 24, 2020

The San Diego State Interfraternity Council announced the implementation of a Social Moratorium on August 21. All fraternities and sororities must abide...

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File Photo.

Breaking: Police investigation into freshman death closed, no charges filed

by Katelynn Robinson and Brenden Tuccinardi // July 2, 2020

In a campus-wide email, President Adela de la Torre announced the conclusion of San Diego State University Police Department’s six-month-long investigation...

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The fraternity practices in parking lots, which potentially provides better acoustics.

Fraternities and sororities Step into a part of black culture

by Devin Whatley, Staff Writer // February 18, 2020

With Black History Month underway, one part of black culture that is often unknown or not recognized touches upon one word: dance.  Stepping and...

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Sexualization by fraternities is a major issue

by Sam Mason, Staff Writer // February 12, 2020

When I committed to San Diego State my senior year of high school, the one thing I heard time and time again was, “To survive at SDSU, you have to be...

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You don’t have to join a sorority to have a great college experience

by Angelena Lufrano, Contributor // September 12, 2018

My freshman year, I got to San Diego State with really no interest in rushing a sorority. I’ll admit, many of my ideas about them were shaped entirely...

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Still image of characters in Haze undergoing hazing rituals in their collegiate fraternity.

REVIEW: Film provides fresh take on Greek hazing abuses

by Alex Noble, Senior Staff Writer // February 7, 2018

Love or hate it, the Greek system’s tight grip on American universities is undeniable. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than here at San Diego State,...

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Greek life is more than just parties

by Emily Alvarenga, Staff Columnist // April 19, 2017
Greek life has more to it than meets the eye
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‘Total Frat Move’ website, Instagram degrades women at SDSU

by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña, Mundo Azteca Editor // January 25, 2017
Out of all the women on TFM Girls, at least 20 are from San Diego State.
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Police get calls as Greek social ban ends

Police get calls as Greek social ban ends

by Jamie Ballard, Staff Writer // March 16, 2015

Several police incidents associated with fraternities were recently recorded after a voluntary social ban on Greek life was lifted. Leaders of the Greek...

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