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Sexualization by fraternities is a major issue

by Sam Mason, Staff Writer

February 12, 2020

When I committed to San Diego State my senior year of high school, the one thing I heard time and time again was, “To survive at SDSU, you have to be involved in Greek life.”  I had never really considered joining a sorority, bu...

You don’t have to join a sorority to have a great college experience

by Angelena Lufrano, Contributor

September 12, 2018

My freshman year, I got to San Diego State with really no interest in rushing a sorority. I’ll admit, many of my ideas about them were shaped entirely by scenes from college movies like Legally Blonde or Sydney White, basically the s...

Greek life is more than just parties

by Emily Alvarenga, Staff Columnist

April 19, 2017

Greek life has more to it than meets the eye

‘Total Frat Move’ website, Instagram degrades women at SDSU

by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña, Mundo Azteca Editor

January 25, 2017

Out of all the women on TFM Girls, at least 20 are from San Diego State.