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Special Commentary: Some university public spaces need a transformation

by Tim Briggs

April 18, 2018

The University has ambitious plans for the future of the San Diego State campus.  San Diego voters will be asked to approve a ballot initiative authorizing the sale of the former Qualcomm Stadium site to SDSU in November.  If ...

Maya and Olmeca have poor living conditions, yet students pay same price as those in new dorms

by Chelsey Crowne, Contributor

April 4, 2018

Not all living situations are equal, and none are more aware of this than the residents of Maya and Olmeca, two of San Diego State’s freshman dorms. Neither hall has been renovated since their construction in 1960, which has led to a wid...

Special Commentary: Housing office shouldn’t have neglected students in Maya

by Gianna Wood

January 31, 2018

Here is how the Maya mold situation happened. It all started one day in the beginning of December when a pair of girls moved out of their dorms because they found large amounts of mold in their rooms. Leading many of us to search...

New construction impacts students

by Nicole Badgley, Staff Writer

March 1, 2017

South Campus Plaza opened on Jan. 15 to house a portion of freshmen living in the dorms. One of the freshmen resident dorms, Tenochca, closed over winter break and is undergoing construction this semester. The 600 displaced st...

South Campus Plaza Tour

February 15, 2017