Creepin’ it reel, with these movie recommendations

A list of scary movies as recommended by staff

Psycho (1960)

With its iconic 45-second shower muder scene, the movie “Psycho” has altered the way we view mundane activities to this day! “Psycho,” directed by the notable Alfred Hitchcock, is a classic American horror film that combines suspense with psychological thrill. “Psycho” tested strict, censorship boundaries in the ‘60s with its gruesome bursts of violence and sexually explicit scenes. Often, horror films focus on ghosts and haunted mansions, scenarios that are hard to imagine happening in real life. However, “Psycho” shows America a new kind of horror, one that could be lurking behind your curtains at your most intimate moments. This classic film will change the way you view showering forever! 

Dead and Buried (1981)

People keep dying in Potter’s Bluff…but why do they keep coming back? When a local sheriff jumps on the case, he’ll discover much more than he bargained for. “Dead and Buried,” an underrated ‘80s horror gem (introduced to me via film podcasts “‘80s All Over” and “Junkfood Cinema”), is a marvelous work of slow burn, small town terror. It often gets likened to a “Twilight Zone” episode, which is hands down one of the highest praises in genre cinema! I can’t give away too much, but here’s what I can say: written by the guys behind “Alien” and “Total Recall” and special effects/makeup by the legendary Stan Winston (“The Terminator”, “Jurassic Park”, etc.). If any film deserves a resurrection, it’s this eerie little joint.

Hereditary (2018)

If you want to watch a movie that doesn’t rely on jump scares or other horror cliches, then “Hereditary” is the movie for you. This movie plays with themes influenced from Stephen King’s work “Carrie,” including family curses and the occult (Spooky!). Without relying on sudden in your face scares, this movie instead uses psychological factors to make the horror slowly creep up and then…BAM! Haunting cinematography and music make this movie a must see if you want to be spooked this Halloween season!

Malignant (2021)

Dreams are mysterious and typically have no clear meaning or reason to them. In James Wan’s, “Malignant,” protagonist Madison Mitchell has recurring visions of violence that creeps into her reality. Suspense, mystery and gore are the cornerstones of this thrilling horror movie. Like a good book, you will not want to “put this movie down.” The mysterious nature of strange and gruesome murders will have you turning to your friends, asking them questions in anticipation, while they themselves are just as curious as you! This movie is perfect for crime junkies who love murder mysteries and for thrill seekers who love violence and monsters. Keep in mind, when you think you know where the movie is headed, you’re wrong. 

Barbarian (2022)

2022’s “Barbarian” is a masterful blend of horror and comedy – and it’s playing in theaters now! Georgina Campbell (“Black Mirror”) and Bill Skarsgård (“It”) star as Tess and Keith in the film. Unbeknownst to them, they are double booked at an Airbnb in a run-down Detroit suburb. In their basement, more trouble awaits! “Barbarian” is a deeply disturbing movie that happens to also have some of the funniest scenes of the year. It’s a rollercoaster of tonal shifts, but it never veers too far off course. By the end, you’ll either be staying up all night or going back to the theater to see it again.