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The Daily Aztec’s on-campus offices are located in the basement of the Education and Business Administration Building, across the bridge by Parking Structure 1.

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The Daily Aztec
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The Daily Aztec currently does not have access to its main office due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please resort to email communications until further notice.

Policy Regarding PR, Marketing Emails

If you are trying to inform The Daily Aztec of upcoming events, new and interesting products or services, or issue a press release, you MUST send your email to or leave your phone message with the correct department. Do not send PR emails or messages to the Editor in Chief. Emails sent to the wrong section will not be forwarded or receive a reply. Repeat offenders who demonstrate a consistent lack of consideration for this policy will be placed on a list that filters out such emails before they reach any department or official inbox.

Editorial Sections

Use the following as a general guideline for which department to contact:

News — Events organized by on-campus organizations, student organizations, and student government; any event submission for the weekly campus calendar; press releases relating directly to official programs at San Diego State, the CSU system, or Associated Students.

Opinion — Political announcements of any kind, from national elections to the state budget to local ordinances; events or announcements based on social issues such as gun control or gay marriage

Arts and Culture — Any event or press release relating to: movies, books, music, concerts, performances, television, comedy shows, plays, video games or fashion. New and/or interesting products or services, websites, companies, travel destinations, restaurants or bars, or any press release or announcement that does not fall into the above categories

Emails sent to the incorrect section will not be forwarded or receive a reply.

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Mundo Azteca

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Arts & Culture

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