‘Lounge with Luna’ is back to show students some puppy love

The Pride Center and San Diego State University’s Counseling Services teamed up for another semester to promote mental health

by Gwenyth Hoebing, Staff Writer

Getting back into the groove at the beginning of a new semester can be stress inducing for a lot of students. Exploring new classes, meeting fellow professors and adapting to a new schedule can be challenging to navigate alone. Luckily, ‘Lounge with Luna’ is back in swing for another semester to support students’ mental health. 

The friendly cavapoo is a two-year-old therapy dog here at San Diego State University and has been comforting students around campus for the last two years. 

The weekly event is put on in a collaborative effort between SDSU’s Pride Center and SDSU’s Counseling & Psychological services.

Every Wednesday from 1-2 p.m. students can visit the friendly pup on the patio of the Pride Center to ease semester stress. Students also have the opportunity to connect with a counselor where they can learn about the plethora of mental health resources offered on campus.

Cristina Antonucci, an outreach co-coordinator and licensed psychologist with SDSU’s Counseling & Psychological services, accompanied Luna.

“It’s really amazing to see the impact she has on people walking by who are going to an exam or to class,” said Antonucci. “I can’t tell you the amount of times students tell me, ‘I didn’t know I needed this,’ after interacting with her. It’s also been cool seeing students connect with each other through meeting Luna.” 

The SDSU community has nothing short of positive reactions to having this resource available to students. 

“It’s nice to have her around,” said Caili Anderson, a fourth-year political science major. “In college, it’s hard to have pets, so to have access to a dog is relaxing and soothing to a lot of students.”

For students who are not lucky enough to stumble across Luna on their way to class, there are other events around campus where Luna can be visited, like ‘Lunch with Luna,’ which happens every Tuesday from 12-1 p.m. at Scripps Cottage near the turtle pond.

Updates about Luna and events she plans to attend around campus are posted to her Instagram, which she shares with her fellow therapy dog, Baxter.