‘Get Stuff Done’: An intro to Sam Lingao, ‘23-24 A.S. Vice President

As a newcomer to Associate Students, Lingao hopes to bring a fresh perspective in her role as Vice President
Courtesy of Olivia Li, Associated Students
Courtesy of Olivia Li, Associated Students

In contrast to numerous past occupants of the position of Associated Students executive officers, Sam Lingao introduces a new and distinct outlook as she assumes the role of A.S. Vice President for 2023-2024.

As a senior psychology major, Lingao’s journey to becoming Vice President has been marked by a notable distinction: she steps into the role with no prior experience within A.S. 

Although the conventional path has often included accumulating years of A.S. experience, Lingao’s unique qualities and achievements have propelled her into this pivotal leadership position.

“While many people see this as something that is a weakness, my biggest thing is that this is a strength,” Lingao said. “I want to show people that even though I may not have been in A.S. before, there is still value in a student who hasn’t been involved to give input.”

Courtesy of Olivia Li, Associated Students

Just because Lingao has not been involved in A.S. before does not mean she hasn’t been cultivating her leadership skills elsewhere on campus.

Lingao became a San Diego State Ambassador in her sophomore year, eventually earning the title of SDSU Ambassadors President during the 2022-2023 academic year. The ambassadors are individuals who lead new student orientation and tours around campus.

“As an SDSU Ambassador, I’ve been able to really hear the questions and concerns that new students and families have,” Lingao said. “I had all this knowledge, but I wasn’t able to make any change. So I decided to give A.S. a chance for my senior year.”

The Executive Vice President holds a number of responsibilities, which include boosting campus morale and increasing visibility of student resources. 

“My biggest push in a leadership position is making people feel like they can come to me, and that they know they can come to me,” Lingao said. “When you see me across campus, I don’t mind if you come up to me and say ‘hi.’ It would just make my heart feel so full.”

One of Lingao’s key objectives during her tenure as Vice President is to uplift campus morale by introducing new and vibrant traditions that resonate with the SDSU student body.

“Many of us, if not all students, have gone to school in the COVID era in which they’ve been impacted — whether that be classes that are completely online, or classes that are hybrid,” Lingao said. “How can we boost the spirit that was lost during that period? One of my ways to do that is to recognize how A.S. affects the experiences of students daily.” 

Lingao’s aspirations to drive positive change around campus extends beyond her responsibilities as Vice President. With a minor in leadership development, Lingao is dedicated to nurturing a culture of budding leaders across the campus, regardless of their background or experience. 

In her view, leadership isn’t confined to a specific position; it is a mindset that can be cultivated in varying degrees of involvement in clubs, organizations, A.S. or even on-campus employment. 

“Get out of your comfort zone and embrace the normality of discomfort. Everybody on this campus is facing the same new day you are,” Lingao said. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or make mistakes. It may take some time but you will find your place if you go out and try to put yourself out there.”

Courtesy of Sam Lingao

Outside of her academics and leadership roles, Lingao can be found at the Aztec Recreation Center playing intramural volleyball or strolling around campus — most likely with at least one AirPod in her ear.

“I’m a big Spotify person, and I love my playlists. If you see me on campus, I will most likely have my airpods in… but that doesn’t mean you can’t say hi,” Lingao said. “Any artist someone (recommends) I will listen to (them).” 

Lingao also emphasizes that A.S. leaders are also students with goals and interests, just like every other member of the student body. 

“We are humans first, students second and leaders third,” Lingao said. “Everybody is here to reach graduation. But we need to reach graduation and not feel burnt out; instead, we need to feel excited about the future and the opportunities that SDSU has allowed you to have.”

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