Maker’s Market Photo Essay

Fashion Club members sold vintage items on Friday, Sept. 29. Attendees had the opportunity to purchase pieces such as jewelry, thrifted clothing, art and crocheted goods
A jeweler adjusts a stand on their table.
A jeweler adjusts a stand on their table.
Petrina Tran
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Petrina Tran, Photographer
Petrina Tran is a fourth-year transfer from Grossmont College. She was born in San Jose, CA, but grew up in Dubai, UAE for 12 years before returning to the United States for university. Majoring in Journalism with a minor in Linguistics, Petrina has a passion for storytelling through photography, connecting with people, and being in the community. She currently serves as Social Media Outreach officer for the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) and photographs for the Daily Aztec. This year, she hopes to expand into writing as well. Outside of the Daily Aztec, Petrina enjoys flying, music, reading, and experiencing different languages and cultures. She is excited to learn, grow, and be challenged while serving both the school and the greater San Diego community.