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Cognac and crustaceans: Actor Edward Furlong was recently arrestedin Florence, Ky., after an attempt to free a case of lobsters from alocal grocery store. According to www.msn.com,the animal rights supporter and vegetarian was apprehended shortlyafter he and a group of friends were found intoxicated trying toremove the lobsters from the store. Furlong, who starred in moviessuch as Terminator 2: Judgement Day and American History X, was alsoan ex-boyfriend of heiress Paris Hilton, which explains hisinclination toward crabs. Oops, we mean lobsters.

Big girls don’t cry: According to the Hollywood geeks at www.imdb.com,teen pop star Hilary Duff recently burst into tears at the WorldMusic Awards, because one of her stylists accidentally untangled anexpensive necklace that was supposed to be tangled. After the tragicincident, syndicated columnist Liz Smith quoted Duff’s mother saying,”Well, she paid $700 for that thing. Naturally she’s upset.” When Iwas a little I had a rainbow necklace with butterflies on it and mybaby brother ate it. The next day he was pooping out butterfly beadsafter every meal.

Oops, she did it again: As most of the world probably alreadyknows, popstress Britney Spears married back-up dancer KevinFederline last Saturday. According to www.imdb.com,the couple managed to fool the press by sending out fake invitationsto for an Oct. 16 wedding. Both Spears and Feddy exchanged vows at aprivate home in Studio City, Calif. in front of 25 of their closestfriends and family. In similar news, rumors have already been startedthat the newlyweds’ divorce will be held Sept. 27, though theinvitations read Oct. 4.

Six degrees of Jeff Goldblum:

Brooke Shields

was in Freaked with Alex Winter

Alex Winter was in Death Wish 3 with Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson was in Death Wish with Jeff Goldblum.

Bill Cosby

was in Mother, Jugs and Speed with Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel was in Pulp Fiction with Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken was in Annie Hall with Jeff Goldblum.

Ashley Olsen

was in New York Minute with Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy was in A Mighty Wind with Michael McKean

Michael McKean was in Earth Girls Are Easy with Jeff Goldblum.

Around town

Tomorrow: Enjoy soft music and French guys? AIR and Sondre Lercheplay with Stereolab tomorrow night at 4th and B in Downtown SanDiego. Tickets are a hefty $33, but well worth the dough. Call (619)231-4343 for more information.

Saturday, Sept. 25: The Adam Avenue Street Fair, a musical orgy ofacoustic and rock will be held Sept. 25-26. For more information onthis event, visit http://GoThere.com/AdamsAve/StreetFair/

Everybody loves peanut butter and jelly. City Beat and Coronawill be sponsoring the PB and Jam concert this weekend, which willfeature more than 57 bands in 12 different Pacific Beach venues. Forthe full listing of acts, check out http://SDMusicAwards.com/Pbjam.

Sunday. Sept. 26: Sahara Hotnights plays The Casbah with specialguests, who are too cool to be announced. For more information, call(619) 232-4355.

– Compiled by Dee Dee “God, please come and kill all theostriches” Chew and Aaron “I dream of being Tobey Maguire” Mento