Republicans doomed unless attitude towards women changes

by Talia Raoufpur, Contributor

This campaign season has been corrupt, unprofessional and downright annoying. Both the Democratic and Republican nominees are among the most disliked in political history. Many voters are supporting one candidate over the other simply because they find his or her opponent intolerable. It is important to be critical not only of our country’s political system, but also of the individuals who play a major role in ensuring that this system perseveres.

As a woman, I have never felt so distant from the GOP. I have never questioned the party’s values towards women until now.

There has never been a more pressing time to stand by women, to advocate for women’s rights and their treatment by this country’s unjust economic and sexualized systems. Trump’s recent comments about grabbing women by their genitals, the sexualization of his own daughter Ivanka and his persistent critiques of women’s physical appearances have not created the uproar amongst female Republicans as they should have.

The Republican party enabled Trump’s ascension and it is now too late to come together in support of one another and disavow Trump.

Journalism junior Kelsey Donahue identifies as a Republican and a feminist. Although these values may seem contradictory, Donahue said she is a Republican because she agrees with the value of hard work in pursuit of the American Dream.

“Hard work can get you anywhere,” she said. “I do not believe that my future monetary successes should be claimed by the government.”

The Republican party is in shambles. I am appalled with the candidate chosen by its voters. Regardless of Trump’s history of bankruptcy, views towards immigrants, Muslims, people of color and the ultra-wealthy, his objectification of women is reason enough why he should not be the leader of the free world.

We should not forget former President Bill Clinton’s affair with a White House intern, and allegations of rape and sexual assault by multiple women. But Bill Clinton is not running for President. Donald Trump is.

The same issues exist within the Republican party at the local level. The president of the San Diego State College Republicans has publicly expressed his disapprobation for Trump but not enough is being done to increase the organization’s female membership. Only 18 percent of the SDSU College Republicans members are female. Publicly pledging to oppose Trump appears to be genuine, but actually working internally to support women is a separate issue. If the organization truly cares about women’s issues, their recruitment and retainment efforts should be focused on women at SDSU. My own membership was revoked without warning.

Business junior Audrey Block said that although her views fall on the conservative end of the spectrum, she is embarrassed to be a Republican right now.

“Trump promotes a culture of rape that as women, we are desperately trying to combat,” she said.

I am also torn and exhausted. My conservative views on welfare, immigration, refugees and taxes are being lost in Trump’s misogynistic, debasing and sickening statements towards women, minorities and his penis. My positions on these issues often fall in-line with the Republican platform, but my interests as a working woman are not aligned with the de-facto leader of the party.

Trump does not offer a sincere or realistic economic plan for Americans. I am a first-time voter and this election has me feeling nauseous. My vote does not appear to be as precious as I once thought it was. I am ashamed of the political party I stood behind for many years and am eager for this election to end. I know that my fiscal and social desires will not be met by either Trump or Clinton.

If this election has not served as a wake-up call for the Republicans, they are doomed. Women like me will continue to criticize this party. Our leaders are completely disengaged with our gender. Although they might believe they are promoting platforms that benefit women, they are not. As women, our minds and bodies will not be idle and our voices will not be silent.