Students spend time with friends at annual Thanksgiving dinner

by Sofia Longo, Staff Writer

The smell of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy filled the air in Montezuma Hall on Nov. 21 when the Aztec Union Student Board held its annual Giving Thanks Dinner. With large tables filled with Thanksgiving staples, students spent the night eating, socializing with friends and grabbing seconds from the buffet.

The event had a great turnout as every table was full, prompting staff to expand the seating after the first 20 minutes. 

While students ate their Thanksgiving dinner, performers took to the stage for an open mic night. The bands – rap groups, guitarists and soloists – who performed added to the overall uplifting atmosphere. 

A rap group called “The Fam” was the first to perform. Beginning their performance with a freestyle rap to G-Eazy’s “West Coast,” the group danced down the aisles to energize the room and get their audience hyped up. The Fam entertained students and energized the room because students were clapping and moving their heads to the beat. 

San Diego State graduate Goz Odeluga and fifth-year computer science major Haki Daniels are members of the rap group. Both Odeluga and Daniels are conscious of the vibe they wish to bring. 

“It’s about creating the energy,” Odeluga said. “We’re giving energy out and we want energy back … it’s like a handshake.”

“Each performance is it’s own personal story,” Daniels said. “Seeing … everybody’s eyes when they look at you, their eyes light up when they hear what you say and then smile, that’s dope.”

Odeluga said this year he is thankful for the opportunities that are ahead, but how he is also thankful for the hate that pushes him. Daniels agreed one needs resistance in order to grow, or else one wouldn’t become stronger. 

“I’m thankful for my mom. She is my rock solid in every aspect of my life,” Daniels said. “I’m thankful that this school let us perform and put this on.” 

Other students appreciated the holiday event as well. 

“I think it promotes camaraderie and unity from the student body,” criminal justice freshman Ezra Eclarin said. “It is an American holiday, so it’s good to see that we are celebrating it.”

Eclarin came with his two friends and were some of the many students who went back for seconds, appreciating the free meal that was provided to them while visibly enjoying the entertainment. 

Mechanical engineering freshman Andre Abaya said the dinner helped to show the community how lucky they are to be here, as not everyone gets a chance to experience college life. 

“I think it’s important to be aware of the opportunities that we have,” Abaya said. “We have to make sure that we appreciate them (because) not everyone’s going to have the same ones.” 

Food and music brought the SDSU community together in a real Thanksgiving fashion as students were not only thankful of the meal they were eating, but the opportunities in their lives.