The Daily Aztec

Democrats owe their success to black women

by Kemi Giwa, Opinion Editor

February 27, 2019

Although we are less than two years away from the highly-anticipated election year,  any polls predicting or making definite statements about who the Democratic frontrunners will be or even who the nominee will be are meaning...

The Sanders rally and all of its hype

by Julianna McDowell, Contributor

April 6, 2016

When I got the email from Bernie Sanders’ campaign, I nearly fell out of my chair. I was hyped. I was more than hyped. Dare I say, I was hella hyped (admittedly, I had to look that phrase up on Urban Dictionary to make sure ...

Millenial voters are really feeling the Bern

by Julianna McDowell, Contributor

March 23, 2016

We feel it while we’re in class, listening to our professors’ lectures, when we’re stuck in traffic, bingeing on coffee at the library, driving to the beach with friends, at the gym and in our apartments. Regardless of when o...