A passion for more than just fashion: The Look Magazine gives students a chance to show their creative side

The Look Magazine returns for its third year in the San Diego State art and fashion scene this spring semester
Members of The Look Magazine celebrate their latest issue with a launch party / Photo Courtesy of Erin Seitzler
Members of The Look Magazine celebrate their latest issue with a launch party / Photo Courtesy of Erin Seitzler

“The Look Magazine” is a publication that celebrates culture and creativity by creating content geared toward unique interests such as art and fashion.

As the publication’s website describes, The Look Magazine is “San Diego State’s first student-run art, fashion and design publication.”

“We aim to create a space for creativity in the publication sphere,” said sophomore Katie Blais,  who serves as one of the vice presidents of the magazine’s Writing and Copy department.

For the last two years, the magazine has been run by its founders. This year, the editorial board is made up of entirely new faces, with Madison Geering as the president and editor-in-chief. 

Geering — a journalism major — joined the publication during her sophomore year. 

“I wanted to find a creative outlet for writing,” Geering said. “A magazine that celebrates creativity and art is a place where I found that my voice can be heard.”

Presley Horton, vice president of public relations, expressed similar feelings, saying that joining the magazine allowed her to find her place on campus. 

The Look Magazine celebrated the release of their latest issue with a launch party / Photo Courtesy of Erin Seitzler

“Joining The Look made my college experience and (it) helped me find my safe space on campus,” Horton said. 

Geering and Horton work with the publication’s editorial board, which is made up of 13 members.

The team is looking to make big improvements to the magazine this year. As the publication is newer, The Look Magazine wants to build its community and staff. 

Heading into the 2023-2024 year, the editorial board adopted another category to The Look’s catalog: culture. 

“We want the magazine to represent all different kinds of people and cultures creatively,” Horton said. “We want to be a resource for people to learn about campus culture at San Diego State.”

The publication’s website posts multiple blog posts weekly that are centered around fashion, art, design and culture. 

In addition to online posts, the magazine is determined to release one print issue per semester. 

The fall 2023 issue, “In a Daze,” was the magazine’s fifth issue. This theme aimed to speak on the journey of finding yourself. 

This spring, The Look Magazine aims to be active on and off-campus by incorporating more socials and tabling events. 

The magazine also hopes to showcase its House Show, which was postponed last semester. The House Show is the magazine’s main fundraising event where different artists perform. The proceeds from the event are used to support the magazine.

“I hope to get our name out there more and people get to see the product that we produce,” Blais said.

To stay updated on what’s next for The Look Magazine, visit their Instagram or website.