Aztecs rock election debate

by Stephanie Saccente

Antonio Zaragoza, Editor in Chief

As part of the “Rock the Vote” event series sponsored by Associated Students, San Diego State student activists held a debate on campus Wednesday afternoon to inform students about relevant issues affecting the student population as well as the country as a whole. Representatives from the SDSU debate team, Aztecs for Obama and College Republicans debated about health care, the debt crisis and education. “We as young people are be- ing valued. Our dreams are not to be deferred and the country and the President of the United States, President Barack Obama, has sought to it to make sure our dreams are truly invested in and are heard too,” Aztecs for Obama representative Ronnie Landfair said about education in the U.S. Landfair and fellow Aztecs for Obama representative Jenoy

Gerad, stood by the Obama campaign and challenged the Republicans to show why their candidate was a better contender. “We’re supporting greater choice, greater accountability, greater ability for you as consumers, as students and as people who actually have the services and have access and control over these things.

Ultimately you can look to the records of governors like Mitch Daniels in Indiana and other people who have done great reforms on these measures and you can contrast that with the record of this administration,” College Republicans representative Eric Hughes said in support of Mitt Romney. More than 31,000 students have registered to vote this year in the California State University system. SDSU has had the biggest voter registration turnout through the Rock the Vote campaign, registering 4,413 students in September and October, according to A.S. A.S. Vice President of External Affairs Tom Rivera encourages students to become more informed so they can vote and change their future for the better.

“It’s very important for students to know what’s going on so they know what issues affect them. If they know what affects them, they’re actually more likely to vote for things that are going to benefit their future,” Rivera said.