Until next year!

by Caitlin Johnson

That’s all folks—the end of Comic-Con 2013 as we know it. Sundays at the convention always carry with them a bittersweet sentiment. A certain sadness seems to echo throughout the emptying exhibit hall as attendees feebly cling to the last moments of a great weekend. Even so, I don’t think most of us could handle much more.

Photo by Caitlin Johnson.

In previous years I tended to try and race to do as much as I could before the doors closed. This year I decided to take a much more laid-back approach. I had already seen most of what I came for, and I was feeling quite satisfied (and exhausted) with my mini-vacation.

Photo by Caitlin Johnson.

I had a realization that Comic-Con isn’t always about what you see. It isn’t about the free stuff (but let’s be honest, that’s pretty great). Instead it’s about the people you meet and the memories you create while you’re there.

Going solo this year gave me the opportunity to meet plenty of amazing new people; people who had the same interests as me, who were friendly and eager to share their experiences. There’s a certain camaraderie that develops among attendees, something we tend to forget exists once we go back to our own daily routine. It’s that closeness I want to try and remember once I head back to reality. The idea that everyone has a story, and if you ask, you never know what amazing things you will discover.

Photo by Caitlin Johnson.

Over and out!