AMC and ArcLight theaters guarantee fun

by Alek Sanchez

Watching a movie in theaters has been a hobby of mine for years. Kicking back at home and popping in a DVD doesn’t exactly create the same atmosphere as catching the latest flick in theaters with a group of friends. When you buy a ticket, what you’re really paying for is the experience of viewing a film the way it was meant to be seen. From the top-notch sound system to the wide canvas view, cinema viewing is a great way to get lost in a flick.

One of the busiest theaters in town is just a couple trolley stops away from San Diego State. AMC Mission Valley 20 is located at the heart of the Westfield Mission Valley Mall, and stands as a social hot spot and a prime location for getting your cinema fix. Take a break from shopping or grab a bite before a show. With 20 different theaters, you’ll be able to find just the right show for you.

Have you ever spontaneously caught a box office hit on the weekend and ended up with bad seats? When you buy a ticket, you want to get the best seats you can get, not cherry pick for what’s left. At the ArcLight Cinemas in La Jolla, you’ll never have that problem again. One of the biggest perks of watching a movie at an ArcLight theater is the ability to choose your seats before the show. It’s convenient and it really takes away the stress of finding seats. ArcLight La Jolla even has its own cafe, in case you ever get tired of the typical popcorn and soda combo.

Next time you’re thinking about catching the latest Ryan Gosling drama or the much-anticipated sequel to “The Hunger Games,” make sure to watch it in theaters and enjoy the show.

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