SDSU continues care for students possibly exposed to meningitis

by David Hernandez, News Editor

San Diego State will continue to provide care for students possibly exposed to meningitis or in need counseling and psychological help after news that the freshman diagnosed with meningitis died Friday.

Students who have had close contact with the student, Sara Stelzer, from Oct. 5 to Oct. 14 should receive antibiotics to prevent possible infection. Student Health Services is offering  antibiotics at no charge and is open until 6 p.m. on Friday.

The bacteria can spread through close contact, such as:

  • Sharing drinking glasses, eating utensils, water bottles, cigarettes or pipes
  • Kissing
  • Living in close quarters

Preventive antibiotics are not recommended for students who don’t have symptoms and weren’t in close contact with Stelzer. A $91 vaccine is available for students who desire to lower future risks.

Student Health Services director Gregg Lichtenstein said Thursday that between 300 and 400 students may have been exposed to bacterial meningitis.

Two additional nurses are assisting Student Health Services, he added.

SDSU also offered students emergency counseling though SDSU Counseling and Psychological Services if they need support. Students can call (619) 594-5220 or visit its website.